Behind the Lens

Oh hello there! My name is Nicole Marchand and I'm so honoured to have you checking out my work! Taking photos has always been a labor of love for me - I live and breathe it every single minute of every day. Anyone who knows me would tell you that my camera is really just an extension of my right hand. It is never far from my reach to capture those special unexpected moments in the lives of my loved ones. 

Looking back...all the way back to my childhood, I loved being in front of the camera. My mom had my sister and I endlessly on film. From our first moments of existence through every milestone of our lives she was behind the lens capturing our childhoods. Little did I know that her insistent photo taking would rub off onto me and that there would be no price tag I could ever equate to the value of the images I now have to reflect back upon with. 


My Favourite Picture is below.  My mom said when I used to go up to my room to play, I would fall asleep just like this.  This definitely captures my quirky, imaginative and playful personality.

Fast forward 31 years...

Why "unscripted" moments?

While posed, portrait-like pictures serve their purpose in capturing current hairstyles, fashion trends & the age of those in the pictures - they don't really tell a story. Historically, portrait pictures have been the primary work of photographers. Having family members line up in front of a lens and say the infamously loud "CHEESE" before the flash hits their eyes and inevitably results in several takes before everyone is looking at the camera with a smile. 


Capturing the unscripted moments showcases so much more. They capture a moment in time - a funny story, a family tradition, the happenings of everyday life that make people who they are. These are the pictures we look back at year after year and can't help but laugh, even cry. These are the pictures that take us back in time and turn dinner tables or get togethers into story telling of past moments in our lives and bring emotions to the surface that fill us with joy and nostalgia. Check out my slideshow to see some of my favourite moments I've captured. 

Capturing YOUR unscripted moments is where I come in :) Let me become a member of your family and help you freeze time so that you can not just reflect on it for years to come but be brought back to that exact moment.

Fun Facts About me

  •  I am an artist at heart and I love learning. I am always pushing my creativity and If I'm not taking pictures I can be found illustrating, sculpting or editing videos.
  • I am Italian and I am LOUD! That is not an exaggeration. In fact, some might say it's an understatement.  My 4-year-old cousin once told me to "turn the volume down."  It used to be something I was self conscious about but not any more. I've embraced it and am loud and proud!
  • My favourite quote is: "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying: I will try again tomorrow." This just speaks to me and everything I've been through, AND I have "Courage" tattooed on my wrist.
  • I was a dancer for 7 years. Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary. I'm still in love with tap and can be found grooving at home with my portable dance floors.
  • I am a HUGE Ellen Degeneres fan and was lucky enough to be able to go to a taping (her 1600th show) with my mom.  (Thanks Dad! best birthday present EVER)
  • I have the most adorable dog in the world named Emily and doggie niece Stella who will both live FOREVER.
    • Oh and did I mention I'm obsessed with Friends?? I've worn out my 10-season DVD set and am the annoying person quoting the show while we're watching.  
    • I am young at heart but an old kind soul.  So young in fact, I'm obsessed with Sleeping Beauty (in her blue dress only) and collect dolls and other toys. My boyfriend even had a Muppet made of me and it was one of my favourite gifts (yes, I am 31)