Team Alice

Back in January I was honoured to spend a morning documenting life with the Crawley family. In her first week of life, sweet baby Alice was in Sick Kids hospital for 5 days to try and find the cause of her jaundice. Two months later, Bonnie and Marco (mom and dad) have learned she was born with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia . Alice underwent lifesaving surgery in late October with hopes that it would allow her to live a long and happy life. Her disease in incurable, meaning she will be followed very closely by Sick Kids until she is 18 years of age. Since then, Alice is doing AMAZINGLY well. She is extremely resilient, strong, brave, happy and most importantly SO loved. I must also mention that as strong as Alice is, so too are Marco and Bonnie. I can’t possibly imagine what they must have gone through when they learned of Alice’s condition but I can comment on how extremely strong, brave, courageous and positive they are as two parents of a beautiful baby girl who may just have a “new normal”. There home is full of joy and calm and the perfect environment for this little one to flourish. Please help raise awareness for Biliary Atresia and click on the following link to learn more and donate to Sick Kids in support of Team Alice.