Rise and Shine with Colin

Welcome to the first post about the Rise and Shine sessions – 3-4 hour documentary family sessions that follow your family through their morning routine from the moment the kids wake up to nap time (or lunch time for families with older kids) and whatever happens in between. The idea is that this gives plenty of time for showing the connections that happen between family members while you go through the motions of everyday activities. My goal is to show all families that they don’t need to coordinate clothes and pretend they are always smiling and happy to make beautiful photographs of their life. Colin’s family is a perfect example of this. I showed up at their Condo shortly before 7am just as Colin was starting to wake up. As you will see in the images below, I was able to capture what a typical morning looks like for them. I absolutely LOVED spending the morning with this family and am excited to watch this little boy grow up and capture many more special memories for them!